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Welcome to my web site! 

Border Gateway Bulbs is a mail order nursery that specializes in the more uncommon bulbs from around the world. Bulbs can be purchased from the web site and you are welcome to have a look at the images of bulbs grown in my garden.

Bulbous plants come in many shapes and sizes, and here you will see some of them growing in my garden with it's mainly, Mediterranean-type climate. My garden is situated in Wodonga, where I live, and also a number of the Winter growing collection are grown on a property in Yackandandah.

On this site you will be able to see how I grow the bulbs in my garden, and find out about cultivation, raising seeds, watering, pests & diseases, and some history about the bulbs we love to grow and enjoy.

Many species that are grown in the garden are started from seed, collected and bought, from fellow gardeners all around the world. It is this exchange of plant material, and friendships, that makes the world of gardening with bulbs so enjoyable and rewarding.


Some images from the garden........

One of the main aims of the garden is to conserve our natural flora by collecting and growing bulbs from seed, and sharing them amongst gardeners throughout the world.

Be sure to check out the bulb and seed pages to see what bulbs and seed are currently available from the garden. Also a series of lists are being put together, to detail all genera and species held in the bulb collection. This effort will take some time, but once the lists are up on the web site they will act as a reference for bulbs in the collection, which will help further disseminate material amongst collectors, botanic gardens and similar like-minded enthusiasts.

Please enjoy your stay and I hope you will find something of interest (and maybe try growing some bulbs from seed! You'll find them very easy and rewarding).

You are welcome to e-mail or phone BGB with your enquiry and questions.




Bulb and Seed List


Image Gallery



For fast browsing - few images or graphics to upload.

You can view each bulb and seed list with names and descriptions and thumbnails of each species. Larger images are available as a hyperlink from each species.

This is the fastest way to browse for bulbs and seeds available from the nursery.


Slower to browse - but only slightly! Lots of images.

Here you can see images of bulbs that are for sale in the nursery, and also other bulbs that are grown in the garden.

This option is great for looking at pics from the garden, and soon you will be able to buy the bulbs and seed from the nursery here too. More soon.



Some features for this web site include:-

Please note: not all features on the web site are working, as the site is under construction and many bugs are still to be sorted out. The shopping cart, forum, and membership with the garden will be available soon. All bulbs and seeds are still available for purchase.


Bulb and Seed Lists - these will incorporate a shopping cart system so you can purchase bulbs and seed with ease, and payment can be made with cash, cheque, money order, or with your credit card online with our secure server, Paymate. The shopping cart is still under construction and will be implemented in the near future. To order bulbs now, you can download the order form and fill out the details of what you require, and send it off to us with your payment. Further details about ordering and payments can be found here.

Membership with BGBulbs Garden (Under Construction) - Everyone is welcome to join our garden online, and keep up to date with the latest news and offerings from the nursery. Included with your membership will be:- a regular newsletter, access to our online collection lists, the ability to purchase bulbs and seed with our online shopping cart, and regular offerings of bulbs from our garden that are in too few a number to make it onto the bulb list. Many other features will be available to members in the future, as the site grows and develops.
Membership with BGBulbs Image Gallery - by joining the image gallery you will not only be able to post comments about images, but you will also be given your own section of the gallery to add pictures. Here you can include images for identification, let us know how the bulbs you purchased from BGBulbs are going, or you can even add pictures of your own bulbs and seed that you want to sell, trade, or just show to everyone.
BGBulbs Online Forum (Under Construction) - when the forum is up and running you will be able to post messages on various topics related to growing bulbs. This will be a great tool for keeping in touch and helping us all learn to grow our bulbs to their best. More soon......

BGBulbs at E-Bay

We have now been listing bulbs and seeds on ebay since the start of August 2004, and this is proving to be a popular method of buying bulbs and seeds from our nursery. All items from BGBulbs that are listed with ebay and generally half our normal listed price, and sometimes even more! To see what bulbs and seeds are available from BGBulbs on ebay, and also to see our feedback, then click on the links below.

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Happy Gardening!

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