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Dichopogon strictus – CHOCOLATE LILY

A plant up to 90 cm tall with tuberous roots that are usually between 15 mm long and

5-10 mm wide. Leaves: The leaves are flat and up to 40 cm long and 1-7 mm wide.

Flowers:Dichopogon strictum - Chocolate LilyThe inflorescence is either racemose (succession along stem where oldest

flower is at the base) or paniculate (inflorescence with primary and secondary axis,

branched). There is one flower per node (stem joint), however there may occasionally

be two from the lower nodes. The flower stalks are up to 35 cm long and each flower

has bracts (leaf-like structures) that are between 5-15 mm long. All flower parts are

between 6-14 mm long and purple in colour. The outer segments are between 3-4 mm

wide and the inner ones between 6-10 mm wide. The margins are narrowly fringed.

The anthers (pollen sacs) are between 3-4.5 mm long and are either purple or yellow.

The filaments (stalk holding anthers) are flattened. The ovary is between 1-1.5 mm in

diameter. The flowers have a distinctive scent, which smells like chocolate. Fruit:

The fruit is a capsule that is spherical in shape and between 4-7 mm in diameter. It is

usually enclosed in the remnants of the flower parts. The seeds are black and angular

(description from Curtis & Morris 1994). Herbarium specimens have been collected

in November and December. This species was previously known as Dichopogon


 Botanical Description     


Dichopogon strictus (R.Br.) Baker APNI*

Synonyms: Arthropodium strictum R.Br. APNI*


Description: Erect herb to c. 1 m high; roots to 5 cm long ending in fusiform tubers.

Leaves 2–12, linear to lanceolate, 9–65 cm long, 1–12 mm wide, surrounded by leaf fibres.

Inflorescence racemose, 20–100 cm long; sometimes branched, with long leafy bracts at the base of each branch; flowers 1 per node, usually chocolate scented; pedicels up to 37 mm long, erect or articulate to 2 mm from flower; bracts lanceolate, usually 6–15 mm long. Tepals 6–14 mm long, usually ± purple; outer tepals 2–4 mm wide; inner tepals 4–8 mm wide. Anthers 3–5 mm long, usually purple; appendages 2, 0.5–1.5 mm long, usually yellow; filaments 1.7–3 mm long, straight. Style 3.5–6 mm long.

Capsule ± globose, 4–8 mm diam., initially enclosed by perianth.


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