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Double Daffodils


Daffodil Acropolis




Daffodil Double Collection


'Double Collection'


Daffodil Double Fashion


'Double Fashion'


Daffodil Double Mixed


'Double Mixed'


Daffodil Ice King


'Ice King'

Daffodil Pink Champagne

Daffodil 'Pink


Daffodil White Lion


'White Lion'



The term double means that extra petals are present on the flowers, generally giving the flowers a ruffled appearance, and they closely resemble carnations or even gardenias rather than daffodils!

A number of Double Daffodils have more than one blossom per stem and many have wonderful fragrances. Double Narcissus are widely available commercially in Australia and around the world and are generally more suitable to cooler climates and will florish in hardiness zones 3 – 8. A number of varieties will also grow well in zone 9 climate.

Double Daffodils generally flower around mid spring and the flower stems reach a height of 30 – 46 cm in full bloom. They come in a range of colours including white or yellow with white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, or red cup/centre and there are one or more double flowers to a stem. Like all Daffodils, they make excellent cut flower arrangements and also grow very well in pots, garden beds and borders.

Description of a Double Narcissus –

Division 4: Double Daffodils. Any daffodil in which more than one layer of perianth segments and/or more than one layer of corona segments are present. The combination of doubled perianth and corona segments can vary widely between cultivars, and there may be one or more flowers per stem, also varying by cultivar.


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