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Daffodil Collection 1

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Narcissus is a genus of mainly hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbs in the Amaryllis family, subfamily Amaryllidoideae, native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

There are also several Narcissus species that bloom in the autumn.

Though Hortus Third cites 26 wild species, Daffodils for North American Gardens cites between 50 and 100 including species variants and wild hybrids. Through taxonomic and genetic research, it is speculated that over time this number will probably continue to be refined.

Daffodil is a common English name, sometimes used now for all varieties, and is the chief common name of horticultural prevalence used by the American Daffodil Society.

The range of forms in cultivation has been heavily modified and extended, with new variations available from specialists almost every year

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