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LA Hybrid Lilium

LA Hybrid Lilies

  • LA Hybrids are a relative new-comer to the lilium range; being a cross between both the Asiatic and Longiflorum Lilies.
  • The combination of both the Asiatic & Longiflorum breeds produces a larger Asiatic style flower with the added stem length and fragrance of the Longiflorum.
  • Stem length is approximately 90cm tall.
  • Bulbs will flower approx. 15 weeks after planting.
  • Lightly fragrant.

L.A. Hybrid Lilium Laksmi

L.A. Hybrid

Lilium Laksmi

 L.A. Hybrid Lilium Rodin

L.A. Hybrid

Lilium Rodin

 L.A. Hybrid Lilium Royal Sunset

L.A. Hybrid

Lilium Royal Sunset

 L.A. Hybrid Lilium Royal Trinity

L.A. Hybrid

Lilium Royal Trinity

 L.A. Hybrid Lilium Top Gun

L.A. Hybrid

Lilium Top Gun

 LA Hybrid Lilium Eyeliner

LA Hybrid

Lilium Eyeliner

 LA Hybrid Lilium Fangio

LA Hybrid

Lilium Fangio

 LA Hybrid Lilium Mixed

LA Hybrid

Lilium Mixed

 LA Hybrid Lilium Samur

LA Hybrid

Lilium Samur

 LA Hybrid Lilium Tropic Diamond

LA Hybrid

L. Tropic Diamond

 LA Hybrid Lilium Winter Collection

LA Hybrid

Lilium Winter Collection

 LA Hybrid Lilium Collection

LA Hybrid

Lilium Collection


These LA Hybrid Liliums are available in Australia from Garden Express



LA Hybrids, are a new category of lilies, introduced in 1992.

LA hybrid lilies are named not for the city of Los Angeles but for their parentage. These colorful hybrids are a cross between longiflorum lilies (L) and Asiatic hybrids (A).

These new crossings combine the color range of the Asiatics with the elegant flower form and fragrance of the Longiflorums, which are also known as Easter lilies.

The result: brightly-colored trumpet type lilies. From the longiflorum, the LA hybrid gets a signature trumpet shape, great strength and long vase life.

From the Asiatics, the new hybrids inherit warmer colors and an upright calyx (the green outer spiral of leaf that holds the flower head up).

While the Asiatic varieties continue to be the most plentiful lily varieties, experts say they are fast being overtaken by the new LA hybrids.