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Tulips are a highly decorative and desirable bulbs for gardeners and do well in most cool climate gardens. A number of nurseries in Australia and around the world grow and sell an amazing range of Tulip bulbs that come in a range of colours and shapes that can brighten any garden design.

Tulips for sale in Australia can be found at Garden Express nursery in Victoria and they have an amazing range of colours and types.

Tulip bulbs internationally can be found from many nurseries around the world. In the United States a very respected nursery for buying Tulip bulbs is Nature Hills Nursery, and a number of their Tulip hybrid range can be seen below -

Tulip – Triumph – The Lovers Blend

Tulip – Viridiflora – Spring Green

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Silverstream

Tulip – Double Late – Angelique

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Pink Impression

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Daydream

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Golden Oxford

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Golden Oxford

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Orange Queen

Tulip – Double Early – Monte Carlo

Tulip – Single Early – Apricot Beauty

Tulip – Single Early – Apricot Beauty

Tulip – Triumph – Princess Irene

Tulip – Triumph – Princess Irene

Tulip – Double Early – Monsella

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Ivory Floradale

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Pink Impression

Tulip – Single Late – Dreamland

Tulip – Single Late – Dreamland

Tulip – Single Late – Mixed Colors

Tulip – Single Late – Mixed Colors

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Red Impression

Tulip – Parrot – Rococo

Tulip – Triumph – Barcelona

Tulip – Triumph – Barcelona

Tulip – Darwin Hybrid – Red Impression

Tulip – Parrot – Rococo

Tulip – Greigii – Zampa Parrot

Tulip – Single Late – Kingsblood

Tulip – Single Late – Maureen


Family Name: Liliaceae

Botanical Name: Tulipa

Plant type: Bulb

Size: 20-60cm high x 15cm wide

Planting width: 15cm

Depth: 10cm

Planting time: Plant in cool weather (late April or May).

Positioning: Full sun position, but can be grown in a position that receives at least half a day full sun.

Flowering: Spring

General information: Suitable for temperate/dry and Mediterranean climates. Require winter chilling in warm climates. (See instructions on chilling below).

Watering: Tulips like to be kept cool and moist but not too wet. After planting, water well, and once leaves appear they should be given a good watering every 7-10 days depending on how dry the weather is. During dry times of the year, be sure to water regularly, especially after the buds have appeared.

Fertilising: Prepare the soil with a complete organic fertiliser before planting and then use a liquid fertiliser once the buds have appeared and then again after the flowers have faded.

Soil: Well-drained soil, high in organic matter.

Lifting & storage: Should be lifted each year. Dig after the foliage has turned yellow. Allow the bulbs to dry out, out of the sun, and then store them in a cool, dry and airy position.

Pests: Aphids can be controlled by regular rinsing and insecticide.

Chilling Tulips: Purchase your bulbs by the end of March if possible. This allows sufficient time for a cooling treatment in the refrigerator. Chilling your bulbs for 4-6 weeks in the crisper of the refrigerator (not freezer) prior to planting will ensure the longest possible flower stems. Keep bulbs away from fruit and vegetables as the ethylene gas given off by them when ripening is detrimental to the bulbs.

Cold areas will not require as many weeks chilling. If you don't get your bulbs till late in autumn, still refrigerate them for a few weeks, always leaving planting until the third or fourth week in May.

Tips: Double, Darwin and Triumph Tulips flower earlier than Single Late and Parrot varieties, so to keep Tulips in bloom throughout the season plant a mixture of early and late flowering varieties.

If using as cut flowers choose blooms that are not fully open, cut them early in the morning and change vase water frequently. They like some protection from the wind.

Allow foliage to die down naturally after flowering for better flowering the following year.